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Types of cancer


Types of cancer


What is Cervix ?
Cervix, an organ which is a narrow organ at the bottom of the uterus that connects to the vagina. The cervix dilates during childbirth to allow for passage of a baby.
What is Cervical cancer ?
Cancer that develops in the cervix which is the lower most part of the uterus is called a Cervical cancer.
What are the risk factors?
Risk factors include such as.
1  - Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The most important risk factor for cervical cancer is infection with HPV.
2 - Immune system deficiency.
3 - Smoking.
4 - Herpes.
5 - Age.
6 - Socioeconomic factors.
7 - Oral contraceptives.
8 - Exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES).
Symptom of bladder cancer.
1 - Bleeding after menopause.
2 - Pain during sexual intercourse.
3 - Increased vaginal discharge.
4 - Unexplained, persistent pelvic and/or back pain
5 - Menstrual bleeding that is longer and heavier than usual.
6 - Blood spots or light bleeding between or following periods.
7 - Bleeding after intercourse, douching, or a pelvic examination.
8 - Pain in the pelvis or abdominal area.
9 - Constant fatigue.
10 - Change in bowel habits
11 - Loss of appetite or feeling full all the time. Never hungry sort of feeling.
Cancer may occur because of multiple factors, to properly understand what is your cause and what is the best treatment plan we can use, it is very important to see patient.
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