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Types of cancer


Types of cancer


What is oral cancer ?
Cancer that develops in any part of the mouth like tongue, gums, salavery glands upper or lower part of the larynx  are called Oral cancer.

What are the risk factors?
Risk factors include tobacco use, heavy alcohol use and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, weakened immune systom.
Symptom of oral cancer.
Symptoms include a sore that doesn't heal, a lump or a white or red patch on the inside of the mouth, ongoing pain with a raddish or changes in mouth flora.
Other symptoms of oral cancer.
1 - pain when swallowing.
2 - a stiff tongue or jaw.
3 - numbness in the mouth.
4 - a tongue ulcer that will not heal.
5 - problems swallowing or chewing food.
6 - feeling as though something is catching in the throat.
7 - bleeding from your tongue with no apparent cause.
8 - a red or white patch forming on the lining of the mouth or tongue.
9 - a lump on your tongue that persists and pain in the jaw or throat.

Cancer may occur because of multiple factors, to properly understand what is your cause and what is the best treatment plan we can use, it is very important to see patient.
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